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Why Buying Wholesale Children Clothing Is A Good Deal

– Daniel Clarke

    Questions and Answers

    Is there a minimum order?

    Our minimum order for general purchases is $2000TT.

    Do I have to shop with the minimum order?

    No. Register for one of our pro or expert packages to shop with a reduced minimum order or NO MINIMUM ORDER at all.

    Are those really the prices of your clothing?

    Yes. All prices listed on our website are in TTD. Apart from the cost of the item,  order processing, shipping, handling, customs clearance, and delivery are attached as additional fees and are calculated at checkout. There are no additional fees after checkout.

    What does ALL TLC mean?

    ALL TLC stands for “All Tender Loving Care.” Likewise, we also have ALL TLC Women which will be launching soon.

    What size clothing do you sell?

    We sell newborn to 15 year clothing and adult sizes from Small to XXXL for family matching sets.